A professional drummer/tabla player and a percussionist, with an experience of a little more than 700 stage shows over a span of 15 years .

Playing experimental and innovative beats out of every leather/ percussion instrument has been a passion. Visharad in Tabla have been trained by eminent gurus from different ‘Gharans’. Played with eminent rock band like Aryan’s, a founder member of the rock band AVNI and presently also playing with another melodious sufi rock project “Peprico” in Delhi.

Arnab can also be seen in a well recognised Bollywood movie “Mere Brother Ki Dulhan” in the song called “Dhunki” playing drums.
Arnab also has been freelancing with a lot of artists/ Dj’s and can be located in a lot of pubs/ clubs with his percussion set up.

Arnab also has been managing bands for events supporting friends from the event’s fraternity.


DJ & Percussionist

A musician at heart and a rhythm & percussion master by profession..

These words can be used to describe this immensely talented DJ… …DJ Arnab !

Born in a music loving family the ‘artiste’ started with his musical learning when he was merely four years of age. A vishard in Tabla; Arnab brings to you over 15 years of experience of professional drumming experience. His forte, the drums and his talent to not only play but feel music; makes him stand out of the league and propels people to groove to his tunes.

To name his few achievements; being featured in the song “dhunki” from the movie “Mere Brother Ki Dulhan”… being part of popular Bollywood bands like “Avni” & “Aryans”… and many more.

DJ Arnab specializes in commercial music with his amazingly mixed groovy tracks across genres

Formally trained in Tabla started at the age of 4 with Debashish Chakravarty. At the age of 9 started learning from Pt. Prashenjit Adhikari( Radio Artist/music teacher at DPS R.K.Purum), then joined Pt.Shambhu Maharaj Kathak Academy under the able guidance of Vaswati Mishra, Govind Chakravarty and Ambika Prasad Mishra. Completed Diploma(4yrs)/ Senior Diploma(2yrs) and Visharad(2yrs) in 2006

Started teaching at the same academy, then started playing with different artists
Had an opportunity to share the stage with PT. Birju Mahraj, Smt. Vaswati Mishra, Smt Saswati Misha, Pt. Krishan Mohan Mishra. Shivamani, Shankar Mahadevan, Selva Ganeshan, Vikku Vinayakam and many more during this period

Developed drumming as a hobby, professionally started playing with AVNI and Aryans Featured in Yash Raj production’s ‘Mere Brother ki Dulhan’ Played more than 1000 shows across the country


Arnab is an absolute groove machine. His unique jazz and Blues influenced style gives the rest of the band a lot more scope for improvisation. Like his passion for music, Arnab’s achievements started at a very young age spent more than one and a half decade performing he has an experience of nearly 1000 shows. He has played majorly played a genres like wound Rock, SUfi and Bollywood and his command over the rhythm section can be experianced aby all once he hits the stage. An truly amazing performer takes wooes all the audiences with his ethralling performance and charming presence. The musical man has had the honor of sharing the stage with the biggest names in the industry like Parikrama(the band), Indian Ocean(the Band) and classical artists like Birju Maharaj ji, Siva Mani, Karsh Kale, Shankar Mahadevan, Vikku Vinayakam, etc.

A passionate performer and and enthusiastic and energised stage artist is what the man offers and wooes his audiences all the time. He also is a good orator and is also known as a an good anchor.

Arnab is a vital part in the bands he has played with. He is hugely influenced by jazz gurus like Steve Gadd, Vinnie Colaiuta, Carter Beauford and others.
A ‘VISHARAD’ in Tabla, he can play drums and make melody even from mundane beats…!!

Guru Arnab

As a teacher have been an associate teacher at three music academy’s

1. Rockstrings | 2. Rhythm n Blues | 3. Harmony

Have been experimenting with Indian Classical and Western Classical in the class as we have Djembe, Tabla and Drum classes simultaneously

A drum student is been taught Indian Classical notation along with practical playing lessons (simple rhythms) to give an elaborate idea of rhythm and beat structures

Teacher playing along with the student allowing him to innovate while teacher holds the rhythm structure to understand how improvisations are created

Have successfully jammed with students at events where we have been invited to open the occassions

Have a few students professionally playing for bands.

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